What Color (or Combination of Colors)  
Are You? General Introduction to DISC Analysis

Perform optimally, develop yourself and do justice to your qualities in your career. In your career you make many decisions to grow or choose another direction because it suits you better. In order to make the right choices and enable growth, it is important that you know where your strengths lie, what your weaknesses are and what your motivations are, and last but not least, how to improve your interaction with others. To make this possible, the DISC analysis was developed, which produces a complete DISC behavioral profile and whose colors provide insight into exactly who you are (professionally). What is the DISC personality test and is it something that can also help you in your personal development?

What Is The DISC Analysis?

The basis of DISC lies in the book “Emotions of Normal People” by American psychologist William Moulton, who outlined his observations. These involved how people perceived the environment (hostile or benevolent) and their behavior (passive or active). These would become the four colors of today’s DISC analysis, although this would never have been possible without psychologist John G. Geier creating a DISC personality profile of these. DISC thus has a history of almost 100 years and is constantly being expanded and adapted by scientists and experts by experience.

Welke van de vier kleuren van de DISC analyse ben jij?

The basis is a questionnaire that is answered by the participant. There are no right or wrong answers; however, it is important that the answers are role-dependent. If you complete the DISC analysis as part of career guidance, your answers will help you get a picture of your work and personality. Only in this way will you get the best possible result from the test.

4 Colors That Reflect Your Personality Style

DISC consists of four letters, which correspond to the four personality styles in the analysis:

  1. Dominant – the red type
  2. Influential – the yellow type
  3. Stability – the green type
  4. Conformity – the blue type

Now it is good to keep in mind that you are not ‘one of the colors’ when the DISC analysis is done. In fact, your personality analysis will usually reflect all four elements, but differs in how strongly they are present in you.


Wat Is De DISC Analyse?

Why should you choose a DISC behavioral profile?

Thanks to the DISC personality test you not only understand yourself better, but also the way other people around you react to you, allowing you to prevent conflicts and positively influence those around you. When you discuss the results of the test with a coach, you also know exactly where your qualities lie and where you can develop. During coaching, it also becomes clear what you can do to improve the dynamic with people around you. DISC tests are also frequently used for entire teams, so that the more effective collaboration promotes the self-supporting nature of the team.
What can I expect from the DISC Analysis at
Next Step & More?

The DISC behavioral profile is part of our working method, which is offered within the total package. We help you with our coaching sessions in more insight into yourself and your environment. The coach in Vilvoorde helps you to understand the DISC analysis and to use its potential. You can also choose to only do the DISC test with us. In both cases, you will receive a complete 35- or 47-page report, depending on your choice, that gives you insight into who you are and how you can adapt your behavior to get a better response from your environment. Of course we will discuss the results together so that you know exactly what your options are and what the best practical implementation of the results will be. It is also possible to do a DISC profile in a team context, for this you can also contact your coach in Vilvoorde.