Career Coaching

Following a specific developed model of stepping stones, I am happy to guide you in the process of your Professional growth.

Your professional growth in 5 stepping stones!
You can opt for the complete Package of 5 stepping stones and we work together, taking a deep dive in different aspects from self-reflection (including your own DISC behaviour profile – check for the DISC section for more information) over talents, personal branding, resumé review, including preparation for a round of interviews. Each of the stepping stones consist of 1 or 2 sessions depending on the subject and we take our time to take a closer look.

No need for the full 5 stepping stones? You’re only looking for some of the pieces like, personal insights on your talents, or guidance on your personal branding only or just a resumé review? Then you can opt for some of the stepping stones or even just the one you need. It is even possible to choose just the DISC behaviour profile.

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DISC Profile

DISC Profile, is all about deepening your understanding of yourself and others. DISC is an acronym that stands for the four main personality profiles described in the model. After having completed your analysis, you will get your 35 page personal report. We will organise a review of the results which will help you to better understand your own personality and those of others.


The DISC premis is ‘treating others the way they want to be treated’. If you follow this, you will see that your relations will become so much more succesful.


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Sales Coaching

Looking for a one-on-one or team sales coaching experience? Let me help you achieve the best ‘win win’ deal. In need of a clear sales strategy making sure to keep the customer or to increase the customer’s revenue? Need assistance on a value selling approach or to put an upselling strategy in place within the team?


It all starts by getting to know your customer best, to have the right understanding, making the best connection and especially understand the real message of the conversation.


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Tailor Made

In need of any other tailor-made coaching or consultancy or looking for a professional soundboard in any Sales or Operational role?

With a broad background spanning over 30 years in Sales and Service roles, I would be more than happy to assist with any challenge you might face.

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