You don't need to take all the steps,
just the next one

About Next Step & More

Next Step & More began during the Summer of 2021. How many times have I said it during my career: ‘let’s do it step by step’ ‘Let’s make the next step in the customer relationship.’? People have been wishing me good luck to make that next step and then of course with a last name like mine it was time to make one myself, a next step…


About Me

My name is Kris, born and raised in Belgium, now living in Vilvoorde, near Brussels. I have spent my professional career in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry in local and international service, sales and operational settings.

Service offering

Career Coaching

Sales Coaching

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What people say about me

Authentic, passionate, excellent leader with a good sense of humour is how people tend to describe me. Being an entrepreneurial driven Sales Leader with an eye for details, always on the lookout for a service solution driven approach and with a heart for my team.