The DISC personality analysis -
might you be the unassuming green type?

Green is one of the four DISC personality styles.. Do you score high on the green type and do you want to know what this means in your personal and work environment and your personal development? The green type stands for the modest person, but what can you do with this in your career and work environment and what are the pitfalls of the modest, stable personality style?

What does green stand for in DISC?

In DISC analysis, green stands for stability (S), which mainly means a desire for order and peace, wanting stability and a very practical way of thinking. People who score high on green hold on to existing patterns and traditions and value order and consistency. This means, among other things, that these people are good team players who come into their own especially well in an organization where everything runs in a peaceful and organized manner. The S types also contribute to this themselves, by the way.

Waar Staat Groen Voor In DISC?​

What are the strengths of the green type?

People with a high S-score are not critical and this means that they can easily function in a team. The stable, patient attitude of these types also ensures a high degree of peace within the team and the immediate environment. The pragmatic way of thinking also ensures that S types are good problem solvers and good intermediaries, partly because they are good listeners and adopt an involved and expert attitude.

What are the pitfalls of the green type?

Green types are not critical of others, but often set the bar extremely high for themselves. Also, the desire for an organized, stable environment is far from desirable, as change creates stress in the S type. Also, a green type takes little to no initiative and likes to leave decision-making to others. This means that a team with only S-types will get little done.


Another pitfall is that a green type needs a lot of confirmation and security. When this is not offered or change is likely to take place, it becomes difficult for an S type to find his or her place and actually perform, whether in a work environment or at home. In fact, this will result in a doubting and inflexible attitude with a lot of worrying.

Wat zijn de valkuilen van het groene type?
What exactly can I do with this?

When working with an S-type it is important to show appreciation (verbal or non-verbal) regularly and take the time to explain things. In doing so, you emphasize how you want things done. S-types hate surprises and won’t come to you with their problems themselves. If you take enough time to communicate calmly and clearly, then the S-types around you are the team players who are an important addition because they encourage others and like to roll up their sleeves.

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