Can you prepare for a reorganisation?

A lot of things can change during your career, for example, at some point you may make the Next step in your career yourself or there may be a reorganisation in the air causing more uncertainty within your permanent job. A common question is whether you can prepare yourself for a reorganisation? The answer is that there is a lot you can do to prepare. By continuing to think throughout your career about what you like and what is important to you in your work, you can at least consider what your choices are. If you want to talk about what your choices are, consider our career coaching.

How do you know if a reorganisation is coming?

Nobody knows exactly. Often companies keep this information limited to a few people involved. Nevertheless, there are several things that can let you know if a reorganisation is coming within the company where you work. Some ways you can know if a reorganisation might be coming?

  • The company’s results

  • If the company’s results are under pressure then there is a greater chance that there will be a reorganisation to cut costs.

  • Takeovers or mergers

  • If there has been a takeover of your company or the company is merging with another company, then there is a greater chance of changes coming.

    The (economic) news

    By following the news, you know if there are any big issues going on. The company is always also a player within the whole of the economy. This can indicate whether changes are coming.

  • The conversations with colleagues

  • As a true networker with other colleagues across departments, you often hear more of what is going on. In this way, you’ll be quicker to notice if changes are coming that also affect your work.

Don't wait and take action

It is up to you to make sure you know what you like to do. You can decide what your Next step in your career is. This is independent of the reorganisation a company may want to implement. To make sure you are prepared for a reorganisation, it is important to know what your motives are. A coaching programme can help you prepare yourself for a possible reorganisation. By starting career coaching at Next Step & More, for example, you take action.

During career coaching, you will discover with the coach what your work environment is like. What is going on in the workplace? What makes you happy and what is your passion? Career coaching helps you understand yourself better. We do this by doing various exercises and often use the DISC behavioural analysis to determine what colour or combination of colours you are. Thanks to this analysis, you get a good self-image.

Based on the results of your DISC profile, we will enter into a conversation and you will see that it opens your eyes. You may then notice that you have been in a certain position for a long time and that a certain familiarity and habit has developed. Thanks to the coaching sessions, you may discover that you actually have a very different dream and strengths that you are not making the most of in your current role. With these insights, you are the one who can take action instead of waiting to see what will happen to your position within a company.

Coaching and guidance during reorganisation

If your company is going through a reorganisation, this is a perfect time to look for opportunities for yourself. Have a conversation and discover that your strengths can help you move forward. Be prepared for what opportunities and possibilities exist within the company. Thanks to career guidance, you will discover that change is not ‘scary’ but can actually hold opportunities for you.


Especially if your company is about to reorganise, it is high time you called in a coach. As a career coach, we make sure you know exactly what you want and who you are. After the tests, we sit down together to go through the results and make a concrete plan. With us, you never just get test results after which you can figure it out yourself. On the contrary, our career guidance from A to Z ensures that you not only know what you want to do, but we also look at which job or type of company suits you best and prepare the job interview.