How can LinkedIn help you find a new job?

If you are looking for a new job, the network on LinkedIn is indispensable. When your visibility on this platform is in order and you can easily be found by the right people, you will find your dream job easier on LinkedIn. On this page you will find everything you need to get started right away with your own personal brand on your LinkedIn profile.

How to use LinkedIn to find a job?

The LinkedIn business network consists of numerous jobseekers, employers and recruiters who are looking for the perfect match every day. If you are looking for a new job, it is important to be active on LinkedIn. Hundreds of thousands of people are on LinkedIn, including numerous employers who are eager to find you. By sharing relevant content, building a network and following interesting companies, you put yourself in the spotlight and the chances of being approached increase. Especially when you indicate on your profile that you are available for a new job.

5 tips for a good LinkedIn profile

  • Post a professional photo (preferably just your face, starting from your shoulders)
  • Write a strong summary in which you use search terms on which you want to be found (such as qualifications, the job you are looking for and your competences)
  • Update the URL of your profile (Settings & Privacy -> Edit your public profile) and change all haphazard letters and numbers with your name
  • Fill in all your contact details and check them monthly to make sure people can reach you
  • Write down all your skills and qualifications. Not only will you be found faster this way, potential employers or recruiters can immediately see what you have to offer

How do you get noticed on LinkedIn?

The best way to get noticed on this platform is to take your time and work on your profile. After all, a complete, correct and up-to-date profile is the perfect business card. In addition, it is always wise to indicate what kind of job you are looking for and in what region you want to work. After all, recruiters also search on these and these two factors are often the first points a recruiter looks at.


Another very practical and fun way to get noticed on this platform is to participate in interest groups that are relevant to the job you are looking for and that match your interests. By having a good picture of yourself thanks to Next Step & More coaching in Vilvoorde, for example, you know better who you are and what you want. This helps in your positioning on Linkedin.


You can of course also choose to purchase the LinkedIn Premium feature, but this is not necessary when using the tips on this page or getting in touch with our coach in Vilvoorde to find a new job.

3 tips for finding a dream job via LinkedIn

  1. Focus on the headline and the summary. These two top sections are where you catch the recruiter’s attention. This is the first thing they (want to) see of you!
  2. Use it in an active way. Networking, sharing content and writing your own pieces are the ways to put yourself in the spotlight. Sitting back and waiting never actually works here
  3. Use keywords. Job titles, topics in the field and education by name ensure that recruiters will even find your LinkedIn profile via Google.

Need more help or want to develop yourself to land your dream job? Then get in touch with us. After all, with our customised coaching, the road is wide open.