Working on your personal brand?

When it comes to your career and your career path, the first thing that matters is who you are and what you want. In order to clearly express this, it is important to think about your personal branding. Rest assured, this is not one of the many meaningless English terms that blew over from America. Personal branding is something with content and helps you to position yourself more clearly because you know who you are and what you stand for.

What is personal branding?

When finding another job or even in your current position it is important to use personal branding. If you use personal branding you put yourself forward as if you were a brand. What is particularly important here is that you create a brand or image that really suits you. It’s not about acting, but about presenting yourself in the right way towards other people and companies.

To make it even clearer: you emphasize all the qualities that make you unique. You can think of your knowledge, your experience, your motives and your personality. Although it may not be in your nature to present yourself in this way, it is the way to attract the attention of potential employers or to attract the right people in your personal environment.

How do you work on your personal brand?

Working on your own brand is not difficult, but can take quite some time and can be confronting. It is very important that you first make a list for yourself of what you really like and what you hate. A DISC personality analysis can help you with this. It is also important that you list your (business and private) ambitions, both short and long term. This will create a complete picture of who you are, what makes you unique and what you want to achieve.
Since this can be difficult and comprehensive, it is sometimes useful to map out your personal brand through coaching sessions. If you want to know more about this we recommend you to contact us. With our coaching and assistance in self development you are able to really take that next step. We like to help you personally.
Wat zijn de voordelen van personal branding?
What are the benefits of personal branding?

By developing and maintaining your own brand you can present yourself more easily and more completely and develop the right image with the people around you. It also ensures that you have more self-knowledge, a good idea of what exactly you want and especially what you really don’t want at all. It also increases your visibility within and outside your network.

4 strong tips to get started with your personal brand

  1. Use examples

    Everyone has an example or a person you look up to. Think about why this person inspires you and what makes your heart beat faster. From this you can get tips on how to build your personal brand.

  2. Be authentic
    By having a clear picture of yourself, you can best show this to others. This way you don’t play a role and you stay close to yourself. A personal DISC behavioral profile can help you with this and give you even more insight.
  3. Know your audience

    Where do you want to show yourself? Is that internally within your current job or to new companies? The answer to these questions indicates whether you should work on your personal brand on social media such as LinkedIn or in business meetings at work.

  4. Open up
    People around you can give you a wealth of information about who you are and what your strengths are. By being open and listening you learn a lot about yourself and how people experience your personal brand.