The DISC personality analysis -
Are you perhaps the dominant red type?

The DISC model is composed of four different colors, which stand for the personality styles distinguished in personality analysis. This model is widely used for career guidance and strengths development, in order to perform better individually or on a team basis and to gain more insight into the actions of yourself and others. What exactly does it mean when you score high on the red type?

What does red stand for in DISC?

Red stands for dominant in DISC analysis. When you score high on the red type, it means that you are especially direct, focused on completing tasks and have a lot of self-confidence. Red types are also particularly goal-oriented and keep the focus on what needs to be done. People who score high in the red area are often people who lead and direct others.
Wat zijn de valkuilen van het rode type?

What are the strengths of the red type?

By keeping the focus on the end goal and not getting bogged down in details, the D type is able to lead a team effectively, especially when it includes several I types who pick up the big picture and develop it into a detailed plan for the rest of the team. Since the D-type is direct and controlling, everyone knows exactly where they stand and what needs to be done. With a high degree of self-confidence, the D-type is also a strong and firm leader, especially when the self-confidence is grounded. Another strong point is that a dominant red type mainly focuses on the successes and does not dwell long on mistakes that have been made.

What are the pitfalls of the red type?

Red types focus primarily on a goal, not on the people who must work together to ensure a successful conclusion. The opinions of others, even when they are particularly valuable, do not interest the red type. This means that someone with a high score in the red area can come across as arrogant and antisocial to the rest of the team.

Another pitfall is the fear of losing control. At the moment when control is in danger of being lost, this person will engage in confrontation, even though this is by no means always justified or necessary. People with a high score on the D also have little patience, which often causes conflicts and a higher degree of work stress.
Wat zijn de sterke punten van het rode type?
What exactly can I do with this?

If you score a lot of points on the red area yourself, keep in mind that other people may probably find you insensitive, impatient and arrogant. By taking a little more time for others’ opinions, you can create a better team dynamic. If you’re working with a really dominant red type, make sure you’re direct in your communication and, for the most part, let the D type have his or her way. If you come up with an idea, keep in mind that the red type needs more time to consider it and that there’s a good chance you’ll have to bring it up again in a week’s time. Would you like to know more about DISC or have an immediate conversation to see what our coaching can do for your career? Then get in touch with us.