The DISC personality analysis -
Are you perhaps the enthusiastic yellow type?

The DISC analysis distinguishes four different personality styles, which are related to your career and personal environment. The DISC model is widely used within coaching and career guidance. Yellow represents the type that is enthusiastic and likes to talk. What does it mean when you score high on the yellow color and where are the strengths and pitfalls for the

What does yellow stand for in DISC?

Yellow stands for influence within the DISC acronym. If you score high in this area, then you are interactive and therefore very focused on people, you rely mainly on feelings and have good verbal skills. People with a high I-score are often good salespeople, problem solvers and mediators. We see these types a lot on television and in politics.

Wat zijn de sterke punten van het gele type?

What are the strengths of the yellow type?

People with a high I score are optimistic and enthusiastic. They can be particularly motivating for team spirit. In addition, these types are not afraid of challenges and often have many areas of knowledge and interest, which means they can be used in many different areas. I-types like to be part of a team and are good at finding solutions, even to complete problems. Also, someone with a high I-score will contribute a lot in the form of new, creative ideas and never minds having a lot of questions thrown at them. This type’s broad way of thinking and engaged attitude always opens new doors to innovative possibilities on a personal and business level.

What are the pitfalls of the yellow type?

When there is no room for communication or expression, the yellow type quickly feels trapped. In addition, a yellow type can quickly forsake communication, resulting in little to nothing being completed. This means that an I-type needs a strong leader who will provide good focus. A point that can cause confrontations is that people with a high I-type score often cross boundaries, want to interfere in everything and are fairly naive.

An I-type also finds it incredibly difficult to say no, which can cause unrealistic schedules or workloads, which will ultimately cause problems in the team.

Wat Is De DISC Analyse?
What can I do with this exactly?

If you have a high I-score, keep in mind that people with a low I-score don’t always want to talk and often need the facts and details, plus the exact details of an idea or solution. If you are working with I-types, regularly express your appreciation for their efforts, but at the same time make sure that the pace remains high and that the I-types do not get lost in the communication and forget the ultimate goal. Do you have several I-types in your immediate personal environment or workplace? Then make sure the atmosphere is pleasant, because this is necessary to get the most out of the I-types and to give them space for further development.

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